Stories of Adelwreth

Map of Adelwreth

Bleaumar’s first documented drawing of Adelwreth, as it was in 1835.


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Thule Estate Mason Estate Wheaton Estate Maynard Estate Whatley Estate Whinnox Estate Cemetry Lighthouse Adelwreth Harbour Market Square Fifth Street Hotel Police Station Morgue Church Cigar Factory Furniture Factory Butchery Lütz Tavern Adelwreth Bank The Crossroads A Dirt Highway A Dirt Highway A Dirt Highway Corben’s Fork Town Hall Western Cliffs First Street Twelfth Street

Thule Estate

Residence of Thadius Thule. Vast cattle pastures and tobacco plantations.

A statue of an angel and a demon fighting can be found in the landing area of the residence.

Mason Estate

A derelict mansion that once belonged to the Mason family.

A broken statue of an angel stands guard over the abandoned estate.

Wheaton Estate

Cattle pastures—the prime source of beef in Adelwreth.

Here you will find a depiction of an eagle perched on the shoulder of an angel.

Maynard Estate

A strange substance fertilizes these crops, and the fields are dotted with scarecrows.

Whatley Estate

Tobacco plantations, employing both colonials and natives.

A statue of an angel standing victoriously.

Whinnox Estate

Wheatfields as far as the eye can see. Whinnox also prides himself in his neatly kept hedges.

Here you will find statues of creatures and angels in a face-off.


Here lie the dead. Some graves date back to the 1300s.


The beacon that guides ships safely towards Adelwreth Harbour.

Adelwreth Harbour

The gateway to the city of Adelwreth. Here merchant ships bring wares from all over the world and take with them the various goods that the city has to offer.

Market Square

The beating heart of the city. Men and women come here to buy and to sell. Caps run rampant and give the police a merry chase. All wares can be found here: from weapons to food, to trinkets and garments.

Fifth Street Hotel

The grand hotel offers the best lodgings, cuisine, wines, and service on the entire island.

Police Station

Nestled between the homes of the wealthy, sits the hub of law and order in Adelwreth.


Often mistaken for a bakery, this facility houses the dead.


The Orthodox Church of Adelwreth is mostly empty every Sunday, except for the priest and the homeless.

Cigar Factory

The perfect blends of tobacco are made here.

Furniture Factory

Tables, chairs, wheels, and carriages… Don’t let the ‘Furniture’ throw you off.


The finest cuts of beef, pork, poultry and game are prepared here.

Lütz Tavern

Here, on the poor side of town, merriment and laughter fill the air as people drink and fight away their sorrows.

Adelwreth Bank

A place to keep your Adels safe.

The Crossroads

A place to rest, reflect and choose your next destination.

A Dirt Highway

A road that leads to the Native Lands.

A Dirt Highway

A road that leads to Denewreth.

A Dirt Highway

A road that leads to Delewreth.

Corben’s Fork

North-East to Denewreth.

West to Delewreth.

South to Adelwreth.

Town Hall

Here the lords and ladies decide the future of the land.

Western Cliffs

Impossible to climb—or so they say.

First Street

The main road entering Adelwreth.

Twelfth Street

A lesser-used road on the other side of town.